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All our beef is Prime British reared Beef, allowed to mature for 21 days which is responsible for the tenderness and flavour. We also specialize in the Long Horn which comes from a local farm, where they graze all summer in the meadow, fed on home produced silage and hay during the winter. The Long Horn is the oldest British Breed of cattle and was the breed which made England famous for its Roast Beef.

The Long Horn is subject to availablity


Pack of 2

Fillet Steak

Pack of 2

Sirloin Steak

500g Pack

Rump Steak

Pack of 2

Rib-eye Steaks

500g Pack

Blade Steak

500g Pack

Chuck Steak

500g Pack

Shin of beef

500g Pack

Mince Steak

500g Pack

Meat Balls

500g Pack

Veal escallopes

Pack of 2

Peppered Steak