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    They come fresh from the local farm, they use only slow growing breeds in white and bronze. Fully matured adult birds, a 24 weeks old guarantees a bird is succulent and full of flavour. Reared in openstraw bedded barns with natural light and ventilation, have continuous access to the outdoors. Fed on natural cereal based diet containing no animal protein, diet contains wheat naturally home grown from the farm. Prepared on the farm with minimal stress to the birds. Dry plucked and hand finished.

  • History

    The oldest butchers in town!

    Allingham's can trace its roots back to about 1864 when Frederick Mead is recorded as a butcher here...

  • Christmas

    Christmas Orders Online

    We are now taking orders for all Christmas meats and Poultry. All our Poultry are reared locally and are all Fresh Free-Range. Orders taken from the Christmas page can only be picked up between Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd December. Earlier collection can be arranged please phone 01462 459605. Orders will only be delivered on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd December.

  • Best Sausages in town

    Best Sausages in town

    We believe (and so do many of our customers!) that we produce the best sausages for miles... try them today and let us know what you think. We always have a range of sausages cooked for you to sample on entrance to the shop come and have a try!! After Saturday 24th November not all the flavoured Sausages will be available, but they will be back after Christmas.