We are very proud of our traditional recipe sausages and our extensive range of flavoured ones too. They are all made in natural skins and hand linked.- we have been told by many they are the best in town.  


Hitchin Sausages -  Our best selling all round banger, lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and spices. 

Supreme Sausages - Our extra peppery, well seasoned pork sausage. Packs a punch with the white pepper. 


Patio Sausages - The big boys in town. Ideal for barbecuing! A 50/50 blend between the Hitchin and the supreme. 


Original Sausages - No extra seasoning or spices, Just pork and rusk. Also available as a 1lb sausage meat tube. 

Chipolatas -  Original sausage recipe.

A firm family favourite. 

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